IF: LATEnight: Georgie rolling in at 10am on Sunday

rouge all mussed, hair all tussed... stinking of elderberry wine.

"Where did I leave my teeth?!!"

Ole' G-Dubbiayah needs to get to church in 20 minutes!

Illo Friday Fun!

oil on canvas - 11x14


studio lolo said…
Terrific!! Great concept too. And church ain't gonna help George Dubyah :)
Just sayin!
Anonymous said…
lol! This is hilarious! George never looked better...:)

Anonymous said…
This is pretty much the funniest thing in the history of ever. It's his eyes that really sell it. =D
This is the CREEPIEST George I have ever seen. I say that as a huge compliment. I love this! Absolutely fantastic. And bizarre.
Connie said…
This really is fun! Quite a gorgeous painting actually (his hair looks like my own).

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