Why I Like VA: Sunsets too

The area I live in is the Shenandoah Valley, north branch. It's the last great valley before you cross into the wiles of West Virginia. Same place that Stonewall Jackson sniped at the Northern troops with his hit-and-run tactics. The views are spectacular and dramatic from one day to the next. I often see weather patterns changing within the valley floor, with clouds scraping over the peaks to dump rain over on the Blue Ridge. This photo is two or three days after my morning photo, a few posts ago. My minister's-kids cousins jokingly refer to this as "Jesus Light", as seen on the brochures of every Baptist and Lutheran church. This shot is from the Food Lion parking lot in Strasburg VA, looking south and west towards the "Little Sluice", "Sugar Knob" and "Mill Mountain" group.


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