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Andy Warthog: on the Printfloor

Pulp: Dock Cutie Final

IF: Opinion... about the Hula

Andy Warthog Postcard

NYC: SI Drawing Nights - Tues & Thurs

NYC: Photo Overview

NYC: Streets

NYC: Day 5: Peter de Seve and Burt Silverman... two Giants

NYC: Day 4: Zina, Joe C, Ms. Phelps and The Illustration House.

NYC: Day 3: Roth, Abraham, Lewins and Law and Order

NYC: Day 2: Brooklyn, Pratt and the Lewins

NYC: Day 1: Brodner and Dillon Lectures

NYC: Day 1 Minus 1

IF: Wise... in more ways than one

The Day After... we emerged from our bunkers... squinting at the sun.

At a Monitor Crossroad

Halloween Sketches