IF: Sketchbook: Vice-Presidential Debates

zdepski's sketches from the Vice Presidential Debate, Oct 2nd
SUGARY... Sara got the worst of my pencil last night... she reminds me of the woman behind the counter in planes trains and automobiles, or McDurmont's police officer in Fargo. Remember... she'd be driving the bus if Johnny's too drunk... I'm not sure where she'd turn off - Denny's? The World's Biggest Ball of String? Jimmy Swaggart's Church-arama?
Biden is a tough one too... tiny eyes... large forehead. Out of three versions, only one was worth posting here. He's much less sugary... more like lima beans.


steve said…
All are very well done Paul, and your verbal descriptions are pretty dead on too!
Connie said…
Wonderful caricatures and beautiful drawing!
Unknown said…
the Palin (upper Right) is unbelievable. You have a knack for this stuff. Go further...you are on to something! xoxo

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