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Shigeo Koike - Airplane Model Box Art

it's a beautiful world: compare and contrast

Drying in the Sun and More Macro

Di Fate Lecture Reaction Paper - you judge...

mfa student profile: Anthony Accardo

mfa student profile: Val Paul Taylor

Andy Warthog

Framing - The Chore of the Cheap


Chad Grohman... punching me in the throat

Junkies: Shake n Bake

National Museum of American Illustration - RI

Junkies: Meth-Mouth

Paintin' n Framin', Paintin' n Framin'

down on the wharf

mfa student profile: B.J.Becker

mfa student profile: Jime Grabowski


mfa student profile: Q Cassetti

mfa student profile: Chad Grohman

Frank Frazetta Museum Virtual Tour

Welcome Home!

Hispanic Youth Symposium - George Mason University

Newspaper Ad - Harmonic Dissonance

Harmonic Dissonance - Art Show

King of the Hill - Goat-style

Dogfightin' Hotties

Pulp Project - Abu Gomer

Animal Farm - Two for the Mill