A new day, a new decade

My darlin bride, Noelle and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary last night... with the kiddies. We went to dinner at the new/old Mexican restaurant in town to test out the new management and chef. We then rushed off to the Wayside Theater in Middletown VA for the Agatha Christie play, The Mouse Trap. The cast was very good, and even though it was a long night in a dark theater, the kids had a great time and chatted about it all the way home. 11:30 on a school night... straight to bed, do not pass go!

My bride and I will be getting away together in November, when I can take a day or two... leaving the kids with grandma. Dogs will be starving at home, trying to jimmy the chinchilla's door lock.

photo: why I love VA... early morning clouds over my Strasburg neighborhood... i live in a hilly development.


Chad Grohman said…
congratulations! Very admirable considering a lot of us grew up in the divorce era.

great sky photo

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