IF: Strings: Ames Piano Quartet

zdepski's illustration of the Ames Piano Quartet, Czech Piano Quartets, 2005
I did this illustration back in 05 for the Ames Piano Quartet. I wish it had better distribution, but it's a small label publishing a small quartet. It was digital from an initial line drawing. textures were basic, but i was just getting into digital at the time. I couldn't get the chamber players to pose for me, so I had my friend Nate pose in different postures, then adjusted the hair profile to reflect that of the actual musicians... some balding, others full head of hair. cheating... i know, but deadlines loom in our business.
One other "Stringy" illustration was one I did for the Baltimore Consort's Gut Wind and Wire, a 2007 release. They were kind enough to set up a still-life with their instruments as I did an oil painting of them. After the initial 3 hours on location, I took it back to the studio and tightened it up a bit, but overall it stayed the same. It's here: Gut Wind and Wire CD Cover


Connie said…
A wonderful graphic; the colours are very fine.
Josh (musarter) said…
Nice graghic style for this cover. I how it looks like cut paper.
steve said…
Wonderful job Paul. Your portfolio makes me want to go back and study formal painting more. Pretty astounding work man!
Rui Sousa said…
Fantastic, really fantastic work.
It´s a pleasure see your work!
Congratulations and regards!

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