Junkies: Meth Text

zdepski's watercolor painting, Meth Text
Zdepski's watercolor study of his dog, Tilly
Susan is texting her beau to see if his batch is done cooking. She could use a bit of tingle in her veins.
My watercolor technique is feeling a bit more relaxed. i found a sketchbook with some cold-pressed d'arches in it. the painting of tilly the dog is on loose d'arches 90 weight. the loose paper has a soft cream color, whereas the cold-press is a 88 or 90 white. i'm using a limited pallet. 2-5 colors, depending on complexity. i think this junkie is the most color i've used in one since i've started back into it, at 5. It's nice to work with clean colors... i spent a pile of cash on pigment, so i'm expecting results.
Methamphetamine seems to keep recurring as a theme, even if it's just a facet of the drug scene in my area. we just had another bust with 10 labs being found... these guys can't stop on their own. it owns their skull.


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