IF: Vacant... in the head

Zdepski's illustration for the Computer Delusion
I did this piece waaaaaay back - 1999. It was for an article called The Computer Delusion - It was a school assignment, to take a series of current magazine and journal stories, with all imagery removed from them, read and interpret them. This was from the Atlantic Monthly, dealing with dollars being funneled from library book purchases, teachers salaries, etc.. and placing it into computer learning and technology upgrades, at the detriment of students.

LAST MINUTE UPDATE: 10 years later, and I finally see who did the original illustration: Mark Fredrickson! Great Job... Different takes on the same story.

A fine exercise for illustrators in the making over at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.
Mark Tocchet runs a great program there, and I would encourage any young artist interested in Illustration to check it out!


Connie said…
Timeless and very cool.
Black Cat Bone said…
Striking image...very cool.
ArtSparker said…
Really dramatic illustration. I actually did an illustration for an editorial in which some guy, who had been giving funding by the government, claimed that broadband was instantly going to make everyone smarter.
Wonderful feeling and illustration!

Anonymous said…
this drawing reminds me of Berke Breathed color work for some reason.


zillustration said…
Gosh, these are nice comments. Thanks.
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