Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pulp: Dock Cutie, shot in the arm

Zdepski's grayscale version of Dock Shot Cutie
I have to keep up with Chad Grohman... He pushed me down and took my lunch money by cranking out TWO more Pulps for Vin DiFate. This is a revisited piece with a dock cutie in distress. My original version was very plain vanilla. The burning barrel and gunshot to the arm, as well as bloody hand print on the dress add the needed drama to the scene. I hope to have it underway, if not finished for NYC session. If I can't get my lunch money back, I may be able to get enough for a Twinkie or Snackpak Pudding.

RANT: I'm pissed at the Bursar's Office... They are yanking my Student Loan around, basically giving back a private Grant to Hiroshi Murata, since he threw my most recent tuition bill on his creditcard... their policy is to reimburse the creditcards, no matter what... this puts me in a very, very awkward position, hat in hand, going back to the Murata's. Total Screwing of their wonderful gesture. PISSED PISSED PISSED! Not a bit of help from the other people in power, either. EFFEN PISSED!


Chad Grohman said...

I like it when you can see the light source. All the pieces of info make this a great narrative, especially the bloody hand print. Cant wait to see it.

zillustration said...

Thanks! Then hand print is her own, from her bloody left arm... I hadn't thought about evidence from the crime... may need to rethink the angle of the print.