Pulp: Dock Cutie Final

Zdepski's Pulp Dock Cutie final, oil on canvas
Zdepski's Pulp Dock Cutie detail, oil on canvas
I knocked out the dock pulp cutie, after a great crit at the Society of Illustrators two weeks ago. Vin Di Fate asked that I create some overlap with the burning barrel and figure, so this is what I developed. I really dug the big skull idea that Dave Labrozzi and Anthony Accardo had in their pieces, so I added a cliché smoke skull in mine. I had tossed around ship types, and in the end I came up with a freighter and a small Harbor tender. My model was Betty Page. I love her look and hair, which I think goes well with the theme of "Pulp". Two weeks too late for class credit, but I had a great time seeing this piece through to the finish.


Chad Grohman said…
Im glad you finished it. I really like the mood here and the predominate cools with the warm pops. The skull was a great add. I said before, nice narrative.
I jumped over to this after reading a reference to it from your most recent blog post. I too love the mood. The elements blend together to tell you part of the story. You want to know more about the mystery that's unfolding.

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