NYC: Photo Overview

Zdepski's photo of Two Men and a Girl
Zdepski's as photographer by David Brinley
Q Cassetti's photo of B.J. Becker as Cowboy
Zdepski's photo of NY FFs putting out a taxi fire
Ted Lewin and Lizard - photoshoot
zdepski photo of Vin D'Oronfrio in three quarter turn
1: Juxtaposed and poetically lewd, Two Men and a Girl
2: Paul Zdepski photographed by David Brinley... Neckmeat at a Taxi fire! You can see my Fuji camera with it's full lens zoomed. This is the camera i shoot all of these photos with... i really like it.
3: B.J. Becker photographed by Q. Cassetti. B.J. uses the monocle, it's not a prop.
4: Fire Fighters putting out a burning taxi.
5: Ted Lewin and his lunch.
6: Vinny D'Orofrio in 3/4, turned away... this was prior to the full face shot i had posted previously. Some have asked about this photo, but it could be anyone... just a less than average shot.


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