NYC: Day 3: Roth, Abraham, Lewins and Law and Order

zdepski's photo of Arnold Roth
zdepski's photo of the chrysler buiding
zdepski's photo of Vincent D’Onofrio
Arnold Roth, humorist and illustrator of pieces found in the New Yorker, Smithsonian, Saturday Evening Post kept us in stitches as he recounted some really terrific stories. Roth's lecture was followed quickly by Illustration and copyright lawyer Daniel Abraham. He laid down the law, literally. I picked up tons of useful information. I hope to remember it all... I still have my notes. Lunch was quick as I met for a handshake and card drop with two gracious editors from Simon and Shuster that had stopped over upon request of Mike Wimmer. They gave me their cards and said to drop them a note when the books are ready to shop. Bob and Ted went through all of our best photos from the shoot.... topping 136 or more. The place was roaring with some of the dramatic and humorous effects we got with the models and lighting. Upon my quick jaunt to Central Park after the photo crit, I ran into the Law and Order film crew, and my wife and daughter's favorite actor, Vincent D’Onofrio was standing outside, two doors down from the Society of Illustrators. I took his photo, as he caught my camera. I shrugged my shoulders and said, "It's for my wife... we love your work." and he said, "No problem, man." My brush with TV serials...
Fun times in NYC.


Jane said…
Your wife and daughter have good taste, thank you for sharing.
judith said…
i may have got in a muddle with my comment and you may have got it more than once or not at all.
your wife and daughter have got really good taste. fab. pic. and thanks for sharing.x
val said…
I'm so glad he is easy with people taking his picture like this. I for one can never get enough of the man, so thank you.
SnarkAngel said…
Great pic of D'Onofrio! And like Jane already said, your wife and daughter have good taste ... actually ... EXCELLENT taste. LOL

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