Monday, November 17, 2008

NYC: SI Drawing Nights - Tues & Thurs

The models at the Society of Illustrators were really good. Tuesday's session had a jazz trio pumping sounds. There were to Anglo female models, the women were quirky, with cartoonish false eyelashes and hair styles. I was wondering why I hadn't searched for a drawing session like this prior to executing my pulp pieces. These ladies were really "50s Nior". The Thursday session had a blues trio jamming in the background with a AfAm male with long dreds and a chunky redhead with porcelain skin.
Picture 1: Head in near profile. Charcoal pencil on watercolor paper. Good view of the lashes and hairdoo. dig the bow!
Picture 2: I tried some pen and ink, directly without pencil on watercolor to get the feel and to combat my need to control all aspects of the session. The model had a real baby face, which gave it a major Lolita vibe.
Picture 3: TOUCHDOWN! Nude football comes to SI! I like the theatrical nature of this pose, This was the first one of the sessions. Charcoal on watercolor paper
Picture 4: I broke out the Winsor and Newton watercolors on the second night. I wanted to try to get loose, but it didn't always work. This has pen thrown in, which i don't really like... perhaps I should just try to use a darker color with a liner brush to hit those same accents next time.
Picture 5: My favorite of the sessions. If I was a wise Illustrator, you would never see the other pieces posted here, and I would only show you this... It's got everything you want in a watercolor: Fresh, wet, vibrant, instantaneous.
Picture 6: Two models, Four Head and Torso sketches. These were 5 minute poses, watercolor on wc paper.

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