Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NYC: Day 2: Brooklyn, Pratt and the Lewins

Zdepskis photo of Ted Lewin and MFA students
Zdepskis photo of Betsy Lewins desk and sketches
Zdepskis photo of the Pratt dynamo
Zdepskis portrait of Murray Tinkelman in green and orange
Off on a quest to Brooklyn and the old brownstone neighborhood where Ted and Betsy Lewin reside. They are no more than half a block from Pratt Art and Design school, a beautiful campus and destination in its own right. We had multiple tours and lectures, from the history of lighting and perspective in painting and photography from Bill Kontzias, a photographer and teacher at Pratt, to studio tours of both Ted and Betsy's spaces, Pratt's many mysterious and wonderful hidden treasures: The Dynamo Room, the Tiffany stairwell and the current show of Ted and Betsy's travels.
Back to Midtown, and now off to the Society of Illustrators for an evening of life drawing; If anything is worthy, I'll post it tomorrow.

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Chad Grohman said...

Great Day. Really nice photo of Murray...