Tuesday, November 4, 2008

At a Monitor Crossroad

Wacom Cintiq is tempting me like the Sirens of yore... with me headed towards the rocks of financial ruin to cuddle with their stylus pen. Foul TEMPTRESS! Check this out with Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert drawing a few panels for his strip.

Those of you that know my studio situation, know I currently have to turn the lights out to see my monitor... the ol' Sony isn't long for this world, and I have to scramble for a replacement. I asked the tech folks at Wacom if this could double as a monitor, and they said, "Damn Skippy!", so I am leaning further and further towards the rocks. I have to justify it over four - five years of usage, which is actually short for me... I'm still using my teal iMac from '98 for the kids. I will also partner this with the full Painter edition, and a few choice Photoshop plugins... damn, i forgot, I'm already two versions back on the Creative Suite, running CS2. Bleeding money, left and right... and still the Sirens sing... "Paulie... We're sooooo Cooooool and Affordable with flexible credit terms..... dooowop, dooowop...."

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