zdepski's digital illustration - Teabag
Teabag - My father drank Red Rose Tea, morning, noon and night.
My brother would make us suck used teabags if we crossed him.

We were recounting a number of family stories. Most revolved around torture or forced labor... giving and receiving... the Spirit of Christmas.

Corporal punishment was the order of the day. We learned young to keep our trap shut. Don't start yakking about the TV channel showing a movie that was too scary... TEABAG!

Older siblings have a short fuse. Don't tweak them too much... KABOOOM!

note: my hair had two settings. Shaved to the skin, or scare-crow.
pencil to digital illustration - Photoshop & Illustrator

Corporal Punishment Series
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This illustration is fantastic - I love the color and the child's expression.

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