Sheep Dip

zdepski's digital illustration - Sheep Dip

Zdepski Family Lore - My older brother Mark and Cousin Johnny were doing their summer time forced labor in the family garden in the mid 1960s. Part of the labor involved spreading a slurry of reconstituted Sheep Manure on the garden by the bucket. The process involved mixing batches of dried crap and water in a 50 gallon drum, waiting for the poop to slurry over night, and then spread the next day... repeat as needed.

One fine day at the old Honey pot, Mark bets John that he would immerse his head, fully for $20. Johnny said, "OK, go ahead!"

short story shorter - Johnny didn't have the $20 to pay Mark for his daring fete, so he had to dunk his own head in for payment.

My sister swears this was the day Mark's hair became curly.

My brother Mark replies to my drawing:
The barrel was blue, scarred up, showing red primer... and it was really cocoa puffs in clear water not thick sludge (that happened overnight), I think you are misrepresenting the facts. I guess it isn’t journalism, it is the artist’s conception…

I cannot draw cocoa puffs... sludge is easier.

pencil to digital - Photoshop and Illustrator

Corporal Punishment Series
Click to enlarge the Stink.


Absolutely ridiculous. Thank you for sharing!

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