IF: Pioneer

zdepski' pioneer at the water pump digital illustration

Hot, dry spell on the plane. Not a cloud in site, and the dust is kickin' up again - "an' the Durned Pump is Broked!"

Left-hand page has a chicken and rooster fighting over worm jerky, and the right-hand image is gramps trying to fix the pump to water the livestock.

The early settlers had a lot of courage to do what they did - I've lived next to a river all of my life, and don't remember a summer without some patch of green, somewhere. The image is the second two page spread at 4x10 inches in my Tornado story. I dropped some digital color onto the piece. I may try to work a few of these spreads into a finished item.

pencil to digital - Painter 11 and Photoshop

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Traci Bixby said…
I think this is a cool piece. The colors are great! It just feels hot.
Sally Taylor said…
Nice sense of desolation. :)

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