IF: Hatch

zdepski's digital illustration of space ship

Lieutenant McPherson has gone out the ship's hatch to clear off the Space Flea before it chews through the Ambassador's dome. Commodore Andropolis chuckles at the futility of the effort and begins to plunge the ship into the nearest star.

my son and I caught part of a classic space movie this morning while eating our breakfast: Destination Moon - total clap trap, but retro with its 1950 take on space travel. This piece has some of the vibe from the movie, but not directly drawn from it.

pencil and Adobe Photoshop.

Click to enlarge to 800px wide.


Grethic said…
OK I buy it; love the colours and the theme of a certain genre of movie - great work :)
Tina Poe said…
Nice, love all of the details in monochrome! :)
Indigene said…
Cool concept, style and color! :)
Unknown said…
sweet interpretation man, love it. The colouring is sensational - gives it a real retro sci-fi feel

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