First Iphone Painting

zdepski's first iphone painting in the Brushes program
Here it is. My first BRUSHES image - nothing spectacular
The image screen is very, very tiny to work on, but you can zoom. I started this monochrome sketch with my meaty index finger, and finished with a new POGO sketch stylus pen for the iPhone. The stylus is the way to go. It's like using a slimline pencil, at half the length of a full size pencil. I'm able to save the image at 6x the original (320x480) which can give a good springboard for a full Photoshop or Painter11 project. I see the possibilities here... To work directly - anywhere, uploading a full color drawing/painting will be a boon to my work flow.

Below is my Quicktime movie make from the same Brushes file. The file records every stroke, and is able to save a Quicktime, at various speeds. This one is saved at the fastest playback. Nice interactive feature, yes?

Let me know what you think of this idea. I'll do a few more, and try to include them as part of a broader Photoshop and/or Painter project.

Click the pic to enlarge.

Oh... my wife bought me the stylus pen Christmas - I just told her she did. This is my Ghetto Cintiq project - current cost: $24.50


Chad Grohman said…
its great you can use a pen. Looking forward to seeing more of these.
Wow! At least it makes a little more sense to me now and I'm beginning to see the possibilities--I am tres IPhone apps challenged--I am IPhone challenged--I am challenged.
ptoone said…
Nice job Paul! I find it so tricky to draw with the touch screen.
Anonymous said…

I think the sketch is
absolutely genious!

I have a friendship award
for you on my blog, so
please come and take it.

Tigz said…
i really like the video of this, and you can def see the difference between finger and stylus lol!! do some more please they are great to see :D
Shelley Noble said…
Love this. I think the playback is a new art form in itself.

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