Wednesday, December 30, 2009


zdepski's digital illustration - Teabag
Teabag - My father drank Red Rose Tea, morning, noon and night.
My brother would make us suck used teabags if we crossed him.

We were recounting a number of family stories. Most revolved around torture or forced labor... giving and receiving... the Spirit of Christmas.

Corporal punishment was the order of the day. We learned young to keep our trap shut. Don't start yakking about the TV channel showing a movie that was too scary... TEABAG!

Older siblings have a short fuse. Don't tweak them too much... KABOOOM!

note: my hair had two settings. Shaved to the skin, or scare-crow.
pencil to digital illustration - Photoshop & Illustrator

Corporal Punishment Series
Click to enlarge the fun!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sheep Dip

zdepski's digital illustration - Sheep Dip

Zdepski Family Lore - My older brother Mark and Cousin Johnny were doing their summer time forced labor in the family garden in the mid 1960s. Part of the labor involved spreading a slurry of reconstituted Sheep Manure on the garden by the bucket. The process involved mixing batches of dried crap and water in a 50 gallon drum, waiting for the poop to slurry over night, and then spread the next day... repeat as needed.

One fine day at the old Honey pot, Mark bets John that he would immerse his head, fully for $20. Johnny said, "OK, go ahead!"

short story shorter - Johnny didn't have the $20 to pay Mark for his daring fete, so he had to dunk his own head in for payment.

My sister swears this was the day Mark's hair became curly.

My brother Mark replies to my drawing:
The barrel was blue, scarred up, showing red primer... and it was really cocoa puffs in clear water not thick sludge (that happened overnight), I think you are misrepresenting the facts. I guess it isn’t journalism, it is the artist’s conception…

I cannot draw cocoa puffs... sludge is easier.

pencil to digital - Photoshop and Illustrator

Corporal Punishment Series
Click to enlarge the Stink.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

IF: Pioneer

zdepski' pioneer at the water pump digital illustration

Hot, dry spell on the plane. Not a cloud in site, and the dust is kickin' up again - "an' the Durned Pump is Broked!"

Left-hand page has a chicken and rooster fighting over worm jerky, and the right-hand image is gramps trying to fix the pump to water the livestock.

The early settlers had a lot of courage to do what they did - I've lived next to a river all of my life, and don't remember a summer without some patch of green, somewhere. The image is the second two page spread at 4x10 inches in my Tornado story. I dropped some digital color onto the piece. I may try to work a few of these spreads into a finished item.

pencil to digital - Painter 11 and Photoshop

click to enlarge

Thursday, December 24, 2009

First Iphone Painting

zdepski's first iphone painting in the Brushes program
Here it is. My first BRUSHES image - nothing spectacular
The image screen is very, very tiny to work on, but you can zoom. I started this monochrome sketch with my meaty index finger, and finished with a new POGO sketch stylus pen for the iPhone. The stylus is the way to go. It's like using a slimline pencil, at half the length of a full size pencil. I'm able to save the image at 6x the original (320x480) which can give a good springboard for a full Photoshop or Painter11 project. I see the possibilities here... To work directly - anywhere, uploading a full color drawing/painting will be a boon to my work flow.

Below is my Quicktime movie make from the same Brushes file. The file records every stroke, and is able to save a Quicktime, at various speeds. This one is saved at the fastest playback. Nice interactive feature, yes?

Let me know what you think of this idea. I'll do a few more, and try to include them as part of a broader Photoshop and/or Painter project.

Click the pic to enlarge.

Oh... my wife bought me the stylus pen Christmas - I just told her she did. This is my Ghetto Cintiq project - current cost: $24.50

Friday, December 18, 2009

IF: Undone

zdepski's illustration of al-Qaeda home office

Aziz... bubbulah...
you’re breakin’ my Figs!

Tell the El Shabab office to stop messing with the logo and printing on NON-al-Qaeda approved paper stock!

This is EXACTLY how the Khmer Rouge fell apart...

Somewhere deep in the hills of Afghanistan, the home office is trying to keep a tight handle on the trademark and corporate image... before it all starts to unwind into Chaos!

*every SERIOUS office needs a "You Want It When?" print on the wall.

digital illustration - Painter 11 and Photoshop
click to enlarge

it pays to be Bob

zdepski as Bob Ross with a profile picture from a fan

Bob Ross (1942-1995) - TV painter of Happy Trees - Zen Master of Magic White.

I changed my Facebook profile, as a joke, to be Bob with one of my paintings on his easel. I received a FB email from a woman that wanted to be friends.

Who knew Bob was such a chick-magnet?
"I think you came to [Town in Oklahoma ] years back and done like a 1 night class and sold your art lesson book. Anyways I thought you was him. I bought the book and thought you was the guy that signed it. Sorry if I made a mistake. I do like art and love to paint. Anyways have a lovely evening."

Sunday, December 13, 2009

office party

zdepski's sketches of the office christmas party - 2009
The firm I work with threw the annual Christmas party last night. I don't work well in crowds, so I tend to hide behind my pencil. I can carry more comfortable conversation if I'm working on something... that way, when I don't have anything else to add, I don't suffer the awkward lulls that usually follow.

Two Martinis (ala 1965 - gin, vermouth and olives) and I was off to the races. I did just over two dozen sketches - here are twelve of the better ones.

The nature of drawing an active crowd is to pick postures the person keeps returning to. I give a 10 count just observing the person, and can usually pick out their comfort pose. even better if they're latched into a story being told by another person - they will often freeze solid.

As you see, we're a young company - I believe I'm the oldest in the group. Only 5 of the those above are co-workers, the others are spouses and the server with the most interesting hair.

Pencil in Moleskine sketchbook - Click it to enlarge to 800 px wide.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

IF: Hatch

zdepski's digital illustration of space ship

Lieutenant McPherson has gone out the ship's hatch to clear off the Space Flea before it chews through the Ambassador's dome. Commodore Andropolis chuckles at the futility of the effort and begins to plunge the ship into the nearest star.

my son and I caught part of a classic space movie this morning while eating our breakfast: Destination Moon - total clap trap, but retro with its 1950 take on space travel. This piece has some of the vibe from the movie, but not directly drawn from it.

pencil and Adobe Photoshop.

Click to enlarge to 800px wide.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

r. kenton nelson paper

zdepski's portrait and link to the PDF paper on R. Kenton Nelson

Here's the latest effort from the MFA's Pasadena session in November. I did my reaction paper on R. Kenton Nelson... WITHOUT referencing Edward Hopper or Thomas Hart Benton.

It's a 9 page PDF 620Kb: R. Kenton Nelson Reaction Paper

give it a read. too late for me to change now, it's in the plastic sleeve.

Friday, December 4, 2009

IF: Crunchy

I remember waking early on Saturday and Sunday morning to watch cartoons before my other brothers and sisters were up...

I ate a horrid cereal called "King Vitamin" that was so crunchy and large that it shredded my gums and roof of my mouth as I wolfed it down. Like chewing Ninja stars.

It was usually still dark outside, and the radiation was pulsing into fragile little mind, etching the early Bugs Bunny and Tex Avery's Tom & Jerry into my skull... I could quote dialog like professors quote Keats.

Digital, Painter 11 and Photoshop

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