Texas 2 Step

zdepski's photo of cowgirl barrel races
zdepski's photo of redneck store
zdepski's photo of blindfolded dancer
zdepski's photo of calf roping
zdepski's photo of Chad Grohman playing pool
zdepski's photo of Cowboy Kata

back from the big ole state of Texas - Had some wonderful weather, until Saturday's bitterly cold rain and snow. Here are some of my snaps

  1. Cowgirl barrel races at the Stockyards Rodeo - Ft. Worth

  2. Redneck's Store, Note Catfish heads nailed to the fence on left - South of Ft. Worth

  3. Woman who thought she was in a Blindfolded Dance contest, but was dancing by herself at the Stockyards Rodeo - Ft. Worth

  4. Calf roping at the Stockyards Rodeo - Ft. Worth

  5. Chad Grohman about to break - Billy Bob's, Ft. Worth

  6. Cowboy Kata - bull rider going through his ride - Stockyards Rodeo, Ft. Worth


Anonymous said…
Bait & tackle shot is great!

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