Peter Collins, Illustrator

The illustrations of the late, great Peter Collins
My college buddy, Peter passed away on Sunday. The crew from the UARTs class of '99 are in shock - He was so full of life and adventure. An avid outdoors man and recorder of nature, both real and imagined. I cherish the time he came to my studio and drew for my son, page after page...

Pete, I miss you and grieve with your family. Thanks for making me laugh so hard I had to run for the bathroom.

Above are some of Pete's fantastic acrylic paintings, all for a flying fish mobile. I love his work... like jewels - click to enlarge.

Memorial Information:
Friday March 26, 2010 - service 11am (open to everyone) at Providence United Methodist Church: 1318 Providence Rd. Towson, MD 21286. There will be a reception afterward.

In lieu of flowers, we'd welcome anyone who wishes to contribute to Ducks Unlimited in Peter's honor. It's a wetlands and waterfowl conservation group and celebrates his passion for wildlife and nature. or 1-800-45DUCKS

You can pay over the phone or there is a memorial donation form online to print and mail with a check (it's attached as well).

Family Address:
The Collins Family
918 Fairway Dr.
Towson, MD 21286

Of course, there is no need to send anything, but we figured he'd rather have any money spent used in this way.


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