IF: Brave

zdepski's digital illustration Whale vs Squid
Whale vs. Squid - The epic undersea battle! Not for the faint of heart - ONLY the BRAVE dare to enter the ring! Scupper the Puffer hangs on the sidelines, ala Rocky's Trainer. Clash of the Titans... or the Krakens!

Another Blue piece... What is going on with my color? There has to be a deep rooted reason, or my button is stuck on my keyboard!

Fully digital piece - Trying out a new program, Sketchbook Pro - I like it, but was disappointed when I realized the final was only 100dpi - I like to work at 300 as a rule. This allows me to print the finals for high quality reproduction or gallery display. I will have to look into the default settings prior to the next piece.
I did all of the pencil work in Sketchbook Pro, then ported them into Photoshop for the color work. Digging the fully digital approach. No problem with eraser jimmies on my scanner bed.

Click the picture to get you feet fully wet.

AARGGG! Look at that horizon line... totally in the center! If I wasn't rushing I would have caught that and moved it up or down. Oh well - IF blunder.


Shyang said…
the blue tone is nice!
Anonymous said…
hahahahahahah love your sense of humor!!!! this is awesome.
Hans_77 said…
ha ha. my money is on the squid
Anonymous said…
Great illustration, very funny. I vote for the squid too.
Anonymous said…
Indigene said…
I'm loving that blue, maestro! Happy week!

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