Chimps - Count 'em

zdepski's line work for the final spread in his ABC book
I think there are 62, but I may have skipped one, or counted one twice. I'm pretty bleary eyed - This image runs three pages - you can see the first incarnation of this on my thesis website: The piece is nearly entirely digital - done in SketchbookPro - color this week.

Zhana's Zany Zebra
28" x 7" - 300 dpi
click to view it at 800 pixels wide.


Chad Grohman said…
Really like this one with all the black. The gate is great too.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the comment man, really appreciate it! I love your chimps, especially in B&W. Also took a look at yr portfolio site - great looking stuff - especially like the sheep dip!

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