Sunday, March 28, 2010

IF: Rescue

zdepski's digital illustration - jason's jolly hijinx
Jason is flying down the coaster buggy hill - FULL SPEED and headed right for Mr. Stamets' barbed wire fence! Dog-gone kid's gonna need a vet, real soon... call the Rescue Squad!

zdepski's digital illustration - jason's jolly hijinx

Spread 5 - J and K from the Thesis - I still need to pop a few items in the foreground, but I wanted something live for Illustration Friday, since I missed last week... rush rush rush.

Jason's Jolly Hi-Jinx
Kelly Kicking a Kite

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Digital - SketchBookPro and Photoshop - Wacom Cintiq

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Aaron Collegeman said...

From the mind of Paul Zdepski: there's a disaster off-screen, for sure! So are you working through the alphabet from A-Z, or jumping around as the inspiration strikes you? (No dog babies were harmed in the illustrating of this children's book.) Rock on dude.