Spaceship Yamato : Star Blazers

I've got a real soft spot for 1950s-80s Japanese cartoons.
As a kid/teen/college student, I loved the complexity of the stories, sympathetic villains, and flawed heroes. The Japanese writers were creating far deeper characters than the Hana Barbara / Disney studio mills. Although Disney always had smoother action between the keyframes, the smaller budget "Japanimation" studios made up for with action and storyline.

I posted the trailer for the "Spaceship Yamato" live action movie, scheduled out in Japan in 2010. The animated series was a big hit with me, called "Star Blazers" in the USA during the 70s & 80s. The premise is that the last hope of planet earth is to raise the WW2 Japanese warship "Yamato" from the depths of the Pacific and fit her out for inter-stellar travel...


The rest is shoot 'em up travels as they travel to a distant planet to retrieve the ultimate weapon that will save the earth from a marauding horde of conquering aliens.

I don't know... it's fun to see the use of CGI used on something so imaginative. I just hope they dub it and release the DVD here...

I can only hope.


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