Monday, July 4, 2011

shrunken head nyc

zdepski's digital painting of a shrunken head
I took a photo of a shrunken head in a glass vacuum jar while in SoHo NYC. I just found the photo and did a quick Cintiq painting of it in grays in Adobe Photoshop. Two days later I was messing in Corel Painter 11, trying to fine-tune some brushes for an upcoming comic book project. A good pen tool is in desperate need, so I made a new pen I call "Comic Inker", which is how I did the hair on the shrunken head. I didn't get to into the rope, but that would be very much a penned item if taken further.

I need to sculpt a couple more heads for my display. I've got to find some doll hair, or an old wig to use. The replacement hair from Michael's is awful; too curly and tangles too easily.

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LAConley said...

Awesome. Shrunken heads...I would never have guessed what good subject matter they could be! The digital inking looks great. And this illo matches your blog color scheme perfectly!