Sunday, May 2, 2010

spread 9

zdepski's digital illustration of dogbabies
working my way backwards - Spread 9 is Todd with a Tack in his Toe, and Umeko's Ulcer Frustration... leading into spread 10 of the Vet's Office with Vince, Wendy and Xander.

I spent far too much time drawing tiny, teeny circles for the road pattern, hours and hours - then I realized, "HEY DUMMY - THIS IS A COMPUTER!" I cloned a region and duplicated it, and filled in the joints with, you guessed it - tiny circles.

in the end, it looks like a Japanese sharkskin box, or sword scabbard, but I'm pleased with the texture and will use it elsewhere.

I'm not sure if I like Todd's color - and if I'm saying that now, that means I'll be changing it. I don't think he pops off the road.

I like the pigeon - he turned out well.

click the picture to enlarge the image.

Cintiq digital illustration - photoshop

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