Sunday, May 9, 2010

spread 4

Zdepski's digital illustration - Spread 4 from the dogBabies ABC book
Gina Galloping in Grass
Henry Howling, Alas
Ina with India Inks

This is my only night-time piece in the ABC book, but this is followed by a twilight scene with Jason and Kelly. I started making some funky Photoshop brushes for filling in the dogs and objects. I start in Illustrator, creating a clean pattern - import it into photoshop as an EPS and define the brush. I created a fairly complicated grid of hollow squares that I then selected 3 regions of, creating 3 unique brushes. Look closely at Gina's patterning to see the results.
Zdepski's digital illustration - Gina Galloping from the dogBabies ABC book

Photoshop with both Wacom Intus3 and Cintiq... I'm working my way back through the book... so I'm cleaning up a lot of PRE-Cintiq issues.

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