Saturday, May 22, 2010

IF: Early

zdepski's illustration of Erykah Badu at Dealey plaza
Dallas: March 17th Dealey Plaza

Erykah Badu waiting her turn
for the JFK Shot Spot

The Kid from Wisconsin
Beat her to it...

Soul singer, Erykah Badu did a bit of striptease 2 hours before I arrived with Chad, Jay and David. We missed the show, but if I had been EARLY, I could have seen the whole thing go down.

The spot where John Kennedy was shot in November of 1963 is marked with a White X painted in the middle of the downhill lane. In some morbid way, people gravitate to the spot in the road when the traffic allows.

The photo below is a kid I observed posing on the spot - creepy.

I think it has a "Ground Zero" vibe around it for the older Americans... Erykah knew that when she chose that space for her socio-political performance.
Badu said the video was a protest against “groupthink”

I'm afraid the kid from Wisconsin will never understand the impact that Cold War assassination had on my parents and their world.

zdepski's photo of a kid at dealey plaza

The drawings are pieces from a larger travel piece I'm doing as a reaction to the Dallas-Ft. Worth region. It's due when I return to Conn. in July. These pieces will be there, but less prominently displayed. I thought they were a good vignetted side story.

Cintiq with SketchbookPro and Photoshop

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Knitting Painter Woman said...

Great cartoon and VERY down to earth, in-the-moment response. I was in 9th grade when Kennedy was shot (and lived in California). Yes it was life changing for the boomers. And perhaps for Dallas, because Big D had the grace to be embarassed that it happened here... even though they didn't much like JFK.
Hope you find lots of things to react to in Texas...