Friday, May 14, 2010

IC15th Opening

The Usual Suspects:
The Boy and my Darling Bride at the Illustrators Club of Washington DC, MD and VA's 15th Juried Exhibition at the PEPCO Center's Edison Gallery on the evening of May 13th.

zdepski's illustration on the wall at the Edison gallery in washington dc
zdepski's lovely bride at the Edison gallery in washington dc

Hey! Isn't that David Labrozzi, President of the IC of DC serving drinks?

The place was packed and steamy... My hair was wilting as I snapped cruddy pictures on my iPhone. Sorry for the foggy haze. I met a few folks whose work I've known, so it was full of chatting and introductions. My wife scolded me for hanging my piece in an inelegant spot, outside the bathroom door. I told her; "I couldn't readily hang someone elses' work there, now could I?"

She fails to see my logic.
Opening Night at the Edison gallery in wasington dc
Opening Night at the Edison gallery in wasington dc

It was a long evening, but the snazzy DC crowd was great fun. The show runs through the end of June, if you're down in Washington DC, be sure to put it on your itinerary.


Wade said...

Great work sir.
Since this was my first IC opening and I didn't know a soul, I think it would have been nice to have the artists wear name badges.

zillustration said...

I agree! I jokingly asked Joe Azar where the name tags were, but I also need a prompting. I know plenty of faces, but never names... it's always "Hey, you" and "Great to see yah.... (pause)... cough cough..."