Friday, January 29, 2010

tattoo flash

brenna lee roth tattoo design by paul zdepski
here's an element for the dvd box for the Deadneks i'm working on. i thought it worked well with the theme, but the producer wants to be sure it's contractually kosher. the issue could be that my "lil Abner" style drawing of Brenna Lee Roth (daughter of David Lee Roth) may not be the same as a head shot photograph.

wait and see. i think it goes well with the beer-splattered hillbilly rock n roll that's inside the box.

my first tattoo attempt. i think it should be a lick-n-stick tattoo that comes with the feature. made the ribbon a bit like lips - thought it added to the cheesecake. researched the heck out of tattoo lettering. wanted old school type, none of the gothic/high german stuff. smoke-filled, honkey-tonk, wharf-dive tattoo font.

digital - illustrator and photoshop

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baby G said...

That is such a beautiful and inspiring project.