Saturday, January 30, 2010

IF: Focused

zdepski's piece Skull Caddy - portrait of Jason Herr of the Deadneks

Jason is FOCUSED on the job at hand... Drilling a hole into the head of the victim in his 1955 Cadillac's big ole' trunk. The project has the tagline: PSYCHOTIC HILLBILLIES CRAZED FOR CARNAGE!

The guys in the Deadneks have their debut DVD coming out, with the premier in early April called "Trilogy of Blood" - It's some hard-driving Psycho-Billy rocknroll, and I have the task of delivering the DVD box, T-design, fliers and poster... All on the cheap, since they're pals of mine. I'm trying to maximize my efforts to go nearly entirely digital, while retaining my hand-done painting style.

This piece is done in Adobe Photoshop... the final will be on a white background, so you won't get the cool nighttime effect as the version I have here.

note the shrunken head on the mirror.

zdepski's pencil portrait of Jason Herr of the Deadneks

The portrait is from my sketchbook, scanned, ported into photoshop, shrunken and painted. It looks like a lot of wasted effort, but if this is to be enlarged, I need a much detail as I can get.

Jason, you've never looked meaner.

zdepski's digital illustration of Zombie Hillbillies
Here's some Zombie Hillbillies feasting on human flesh around a ho-down bonfire.

Fun project!

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