Sunday, January 24, 2010

DeadNeks - Initial Take

zdepski's DEADNEKs poster digital design and illustration
I had a friend named Joey... Joey Fang. He's got a psycho-billy band... The DEADNEKs. They're making a DVD.

I'm researching some old horror genre posters, plus trying some techniques I'm using in my illustrations. I'm hoping to keep the design heavier towards illustration. This is the initial "sketch" using a still shot of the main actress (forgot her name) and some really rough shots of the band. That's Joey in the "O".

Background is the Skull from the University of Hartford drawing studio, also used as a model in the Elvis tribute piece of a few weeks ago.

zdepski's adjusted Elvis - Jailhouse Rock

This is raw, but i think it has elements in it that I'll be using in the final version. comments?

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Denise Scaramai said...

I really appreciate your work, firm strokes and varied!
and I loved this in particular, a scene great to develop something, taking elvis ...