Saturday, January 30, 2010

DeadNeks - DVD

zdepski's illustration and design fro the Deadneks Trilogy of Blood

Here's my illustration and design of the Deadneks' new DVD, Trilogy of Blood
Poster, T-Shirt, DVD box... etc...

Click the image to enlarge the piece to 600 px wide.

Each of these elements is created separately and then arranged within Photoshop as individual layers. I even keep the element's PSD files to even keep my options open for tweaking the building blocks within the final piece. Of course, that means my storage space gets eaten up very quickly.

Scroll back a within the last few postings, and see some of the elements as individual pieces.

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Nathanael Lark said...

Great work on this. The color palette is dead on for the theme. That black and red just brings it home. Excellent composition too. I could stare at this for hours (which is the whole point of a poster I suppose). Nice work!