Monday, January 5, 2009

Virgina: An Outing to Luray

Zdepski's photo in Luray Caverns
Zdepski's photo of old auto in Luray
Zdepski's photo on Virginia's Skyline Drive
Zdepski's photo of wife and son on Virginia's Skyline Drive
Two weeks ago, my lovely bride, son and nephew Stephen drove down the first 40 miles of the Skyline Drive National Park to the town of Luray VA, and the Luray Caverns. We have a great time walking the mile and a quarter 90+ feet underground. The formations are impressive, immense and infinitely variable, depending on your vantage point. I shot over 300 images of the cave interior - see them as a source for outerspace, innerspace and creepy haunted cave images. The cavern folks also have a fantastic auto museum with a bunch of old Packards, Hupp Mobiles, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, and a slew of obscure names that have been filed in the history books. I loved the old French towncars, Bugatti and Delahaye (sp?)
Photo 1: Luray Caverns
Photo 2: Luray Auto Museum
Photo 3: Skyline Drive view of the North Branch of the Shenandoah River, looking North-West towards Winchester with a rock formation in the foreground.
Photo 4: Noelle and Nikita in the classic tourist posture of pointing at something we can't see.
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