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zdepski's variation on the theme Music for Illustration Friday
zdepski's variation on the theme Music for Illustration Friday
two variations on the piano plinking theme. The Elephant is a bit of a juxtaposed player, since his grandfather's tusks are what he's pounding on to make the song.

the other is from the impression i had on one of our recording stars while at the classical record company. He looked a bit like the un-dead... perhaps from practicing on pipe organs in dark cathedrals.

pencil to digital
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sandra.d. said…
excellent illustrations! ;]
Julie Hammond said…
so funny and cute. I love that they are both playing with their noses. Nice perspective.
Kari said…
What a cool texture! Great concept, too.
MrBibleHead said…
Very great Paul! That is one talented pachyderm. I bet that piano is rocking with an extra plinking on the keys! Great illustration.
Indigene said…
I think they're both great characters, although I like each for different reasons. I love the line drawing, because it's hard to get that such emotions from lines, and you've mastered it. I love the elephant for the color which always affects my mood. Dude, basically, you rock!
Michelle said…
So cute. A lovely illustration!

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