Saturday, October 8, 2011

IF: Contraption

zdepski's digital illustration - CA mower
Tribute to Big Daddy Roth - Rat Fink. My contraption.
I developed this illustration in March of 2010, and have juiced it up a bit with some atmospheric smoke in the region around the figure, to make him pop, as well as back lighting on the mower to make it "reverse pop" against the flames.
The drawing is a merger of a 1940s Chevy and a Push Mower.... Stupid, I know.
California Mower - Briggs and Stratton
zdepski's line drawing - CA mower


michele said...

Ohhh yeah!
I think more kids would be begging to do yard work if this was a reality! Straight outta Big Daddy's workshop! Long live RF!
Fun! :o)

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

That's what I call a mega-contraption! Spectacular!

caela said...

hehe this is awesome i love your colours and the style :)

LAConley said...

Love it! I'm especially liking the light reflecting off the skull face and the plaid boxers. =D