Monday, January 31, 2011

Three Nurses

Sing Sing Sing - page 12 by Paul Zdepski
Three Nurses - Page 12 of "Sing Sing Sing - A One Act Opera"

Hazel is getting worn down. Her voice is quavering, but keeps singing. The nurses are perplexed with what to do. They check the chart, and consult with each other.

Sing Sing Sing - page 12 by Paul Zdepski

graphite in sketchbook for the drawing - Cintiq in Photoshop for the color

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pittsburgh Propaganda - 2

Commonwealth Press T-shirt design by Dan Rugh and Paul Zdepski
Release the Keisel!

Dan Rugh put me on the case again - Number 99 of the Pittsburgh Steelers is sporting a monstrous beard, or "Feard" - looking like the Viking a name like Keisel should be.
It was a limited run, and has sold out, but ask Dan if there is one in your size over by the ink cabinet = Commonwealth Press Merch

Originally his beard was going to be tearing apart a ship made of Cheese, but I thought this image may have a shelf life beyond the Green Bay game - as long as Keisel doesn't trim that beast!

Below is a version of the same drawing with a few gradients - I like yellow and red on black - they're pretty awesome.

Fear Beard, illustration of Keisel by Zdepski

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pittsburgh Propaganda

Dan Rugh and Paul Zdepski's collaboration - Cut the Cheese

My pal Dan Rugh at Commonwealth Press shot me a direct message via Twitter - "I need a Steel worker cutting Cheese - how fast can you do it?" = an hour and a half later, he had his blue collar bruin slicing some Swiss. He asked for one revision - Make him look more angry. I added a few forehead furrows and a clenched jaw.

Dan added his own touches and put the final Typography together and rushed it to the press. T-Shirts for the Masses! Buy yours here! Commonwealth Press Merch

Baddah Boom, Baddah Bing!
Zdepski's line drawing - Steel Cheese
Zdepski's line drawing - Steel Cheese revision

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sing Sing Sing - She Sang In Church

Sing Sing Sing - Page 4, She Sang In Church
Page 4 of "Sing Sing Sing, A One Act Opera"
Hazel Sang In Church

Surrendering to the feeling.

graphite and digital

Friday, January 21, 2011

IF: Dusty

zdepski's illustration of the kids from the Tornado Joe project in a Dust Cloud
The chicken from last week is now hunkered down with the kids from the "Tornado Joe" project. I'm using the chicken's as comic relief as the story progresses and gets more tense.

The kids are ducking down as the villain's wagon tears into town during the middle of a drought... Remember the chickens fighting over worm jerky?

Chicken Fight - illustration by Paul Zdepski

I need an office manager. SO many projects going on...

graphite and photoshop via Cintiq
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sing Sing Sing - 1 Act Opera

Zdepski's cover to sing sing sing
I'm in the midst of writing a 16 page "zine" called "Sing Sing Sing, a One Act Opera". The premise is about a young girl named Hazel that wakes up one Sunday morning singing. It progresses from there. I have been doing a pile of portraits this week, all former Nazi guards and doctors. They're an integral part of the piece, becoming an "aside" on the right-hand page as the story progresses on the left-hand page.
Zdepski's page 9 of Sing Sing Sing
Zdepski's page 11 of Sing Sing Sing

So far, I only plan on doing a few short run versions, and a PDF, but I hope to see if I can get the entire piece published through the DC Conspiracy group publications, as part of an upcoming collection.

still very early on, but thinking of marketing outlets.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

IF: Chicken

Chicken Fight - illustration by Paul Zdepski

These two are squabbling over a piece of Worm Jerky... It's the middle of a drought, and they found it under a piece of corrugated steel behind the tractor shed.
pencil and photoshop - 2009-2011

4 Roosters - oil painting by Paul Zdepski

More sedate is the four chickens in the shade - late July at high noon. I painted this back in 2003 while working for Sono Luminus and Ayrshire as their designer. I kept trying to do "nice and pastoral" pieces to sell at the local Virginia Piedmont art shows. I played that game for a while, but felt my artistic center was elsewhere.

oil on canvas - 2003

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Sunday, January 9, 2011


Zdepski's portraits of Bad Doctors
Bad Doctors - Deja-vu
My sister died last year due to a life of poor decisions and practice of a long list of doctors in her life. She received some of the most severe treatments to science, including doses of drugs so strong they destroyed her kidneys.

I'm so sorry for her lot in life... I'm still trying to work it out on paper. I found photos of various Nazi doctors from the concentration camps, and drew their likeness in my scratchy style. I can't help but equate her treatment as a systematic brutalization. She died from her mistreatment.

Doctors Mengele, Brandt, Clauberg... the worst. The repetition of poor treatment on innocent beings - Deja-vu.

These photos are part of a larger project I'm working on dealing with the life of my sister.

Graphite on Strathmore, then Cintiq in Photoshop. Click the image to double the size.