Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yvette's Yak

zdepski's digital illustration of Yvette's Yellow Yak
Yvette's Yellow Yak is munching on some Texas grass. The enclosure is a funky Y shape, less obvious unless you study the picture. I picked a subdued pallet, but i think they go well together. This was drawn in pencil, ported into Corel Painter 11 for painting.

The rest of the MFA project can be seen here:

-- I'm at my RAM limits, and no ability to add more to my box. Nothing in the budget for an upgraded box, either. I may try dumping programs and see if that frees up any extra computing power.

Click to enlarge the piece.

1 comment:

Chad Grohman said...

Im looking forward to seeing all of these together. Looking good.