Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Card Layout

zdepski's revised Commie Spud Card layout
Commie Cards are taking shape. I took some great advise from David Labrozzi and got hammering on the text and continuity of objects within the layout. I did away with much of the "computer crisp" within the type and objects. I wanted a bit more hand-done, so I was able to use a number of sketchbook items like the star and potato in their near-raw form. i also did away with some of the visual clutter around Sputnik... I like how the Ribbon is working now, it's more organic and easier reading of the titles.... yes?

I also got rid of the MIG and Sputnik on the face region. I thought it was busy... this also enforces the 2 designation... the whole joke! Commies are all the same value in the idealized society.

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