Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

zdepski's drawing of Halloween in a small town, 2009
300th Blog Post - WOOOHOO!
Our proximity to the rural countryside means we get piles of kids swarming our neighborhood from less populated areas. I have no idea who these parents are. I've never seen them in town, or the local supermarket. I see license plates on mini-vans from West Virginia, which is nearly 20 miles to the west... Free candy is a big draw.

I did these two sketches while handing out candy at the top of the drive. Baby Landon kept trying to get out of the stroller, Pissing off Baby Mommy - He got smacked after Mowma yell "LANDON! Yall are Burnin My Biscuts! NAEW SIT DAEWN!"
-- WHACK!!!

Poor bastard (in the truest sense of the word)... Who knew Halloween had so many rules... not nearly as fun as shown on Nickelodeon.

West Virgina Daddy was toting his spawn on his shoulders, sucking a ciggy while attempting my steep drive. I thought he would start hacking coal dust when he puffed to the top. He was so winded, he just stood there with baby Finster on his back, looking at the view below.

Only happens once a year - Like the Circus coming to town.

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