Wednesday, October 21, 2009

dogBabies Relaunch

Zdepski's dogBabies ABC book - Mia Masterfully Mows

M is for Mia, who Masterfully Mows

Here's my dogBabies Backyard ABC book, as it stands... no lipstick on this pig! I'm showing it all, Real Time, as I work it out. Some of the pages are complete, others need to be entirely reworked... I'll be updated them as they get finalized.

Zdepski's dogBabies ABC book - Favicon

Here's a small detail that many sites forget to deal with... the FAVICON (favorite icon) - I'm using "dogBaby #1 - Spotted Pup" as the little icon that pops into the browser address region and in the tab. He started it all in 2006.