Saturday, October 3, 2009

Before Tor - Chowderhead

Zdepski's version of Chowderhead Cohen testifying - 1940

Chowderhead Cohen is listed in this 1940 photo as a Labor Spy and Strike-breaker - I did some web searching an found him to be a small-time thug and enforcer for a madam he also was suspected of murdering in 1931 - love the expression... i thought it was a gangland murder photo, but he's just testifying before Congress... getting all sweaty.

John Baer's Illustration of the Christmas Presents from Labor Struggle - 1940

John Baer's editorial illustration depicting a child - 1940

I bought an archive of the union newspaper, LABOR from the library sale yesterday. $5 for the weekly editions of 1940 and 1941. LABOR was published by a conglomerate of 15 different Railroad Unions out of Washington DC. Unfortunately, many of the pages are falling apart, but I thought I could find some cool "Commie" reference for my latest jaunt. There are some very, very stiff editorial illustrations by a cartoonist named John Baer (1886-1970) - DIG THE HAIRLINE ON THAT KID!!!

John Baer's Illustration from 1940

Baer did go a number of "Fat Cat Industrialists" and "Rich War Profiteers" - Perfect source material for my last Commie Card: The Old Maid - The Capitalist. Here's my sketch:
Zdepski's Capitalist sketch for his old Maid set

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