Thursday, March 19, 2009

SanFran: Day 4

Well, I had my thesis review with adviser Bill Thomson. He made a pile of comments, but overall likes my direction. He gave me some great tips on controlling the medium, and how to apply the paint with a plan to lead the viewer's interest where you want it.

I have a focus and style that I'm happy with, so it should be a great journey ahead.

Speaker David Grove Spoke on his very hip and cool career, stemming from Upper Darby PA, to Paris, London and San Francisco. His technique shows a fresh and liquid application of paint. Dave brought the house down with is "Props and Cops" story, related here:
A job from Bantam about an uprising in Belgian Congo.
In SF, he looked for prop weapons and got nowhere. Biggest costume supplier in the city had Pink guns, Glitter with Feathers in them. Bought Revel models and put them together...
Needed a Grease Gun style machine pistol. brother had small arms catalog, in it where photos of AK47. 2inch long BnW photo blew it up, to the size needed. Ended up making guns with plaster and wood. Had to paint the model for shadow, reflections, etc..
had to take outside on roof to paint them.
3 story building, roof was flat. Heard police scanner a chatter... sounded too close. Heard a shotgun click.
Cops knocked the roof access door off the hinges smashing David to the ground with a gun in his chest
"I'm and Illustrator!!!"
It didn't help much as he tried to explain the AK47s on the ground.

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