Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SanFran: Day 3

Wednesday had us in the Hotel conference room listening to Chuck Pyle, Lou Brooks and leading off with Courtney Granner who pushed Concepts. Pushing narrative
to help with problem solving. To let anything fly on the front end. Pages and Pages of Thumbnails. Every 20 seconds. next. stream of Consciousness ... free association.
Disregard self edits and siphon as you go.. one idea feeds another. LET ANYTHING GO on the front end... When prospectors pan for gold, they don't use tweezers... they use a pan, later using then tweezers to pick it out the gold.

Chuck Pyle stressed fundamentals, both as illustrators and as instructors to the younger generation. Where he masters the traditional mediums, he acknowledges the new media styles and tools with their broad capabilities... "They're just expensive brushes..." Way to go Chuck! You see it and are embracing the future.

The way to wrap up a day is listening to the wit and brilliance of Lou Brooks... father of the Playboy Funnies. Funny and Carlin-esque in his delivery, he kept us laughing as we discussed his career and current direction. Lou will not sit still. He searches for new means for expression, and implored us all to not wait for anyone to come knocking. We all need to make our own careers. We need to find our "center core" and that will be our passion and most satisfaction.

... now it's time to hit the streets with some watercolor. I've been itching to do come painting.

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