Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SanFran: Day 2

Kazuhiko Sano gave a great talk to kick of Tuesday's round. He brought in works from National Geographic, Book Covers, Star Wars as well as personal gallery works. He related his process, struggles and drive. quite an interesting fellow and serious artist. He is constantly setting challenges for himself... like a perpetual seeker.

Dennis Ziemienski talked on his Western Gallery work, California Orange Crate poster work, his pallet, direction and methods. Very strong work, brilliant pallet choices and ballsy application. so fresh. so bold. statements.

Brilliant designer and conceptual artist, Brian "Someguy" Singer spoke on the "1000 Journals" project both as a concept and the tangible communal items as they each returned, like trunks with stickers from travels abroad. Brian invited us to the SF MoMa and the interactive installation of his work... the energy was infectious. I have a vast respect for a man with brilliance, but when he applies it in such a dynamic and innovative way, it becomes larger than the original idea and morphs into a entity of it's own perpetuation. Singer becomes a gardener of a garden of tomes, many which are still in the public's hands. What an inspiring person... oh, and he was gracious enough to sign a book for me... no monster egos here... just a person that sees creative opportunities and acts on his own initiative.

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