Monday, March 16, 2009

SanFran: Day 1

after a long Sunday of airport schlepping, cramped quarters sketching as i watched a mini screen and jostled elbows with row-mates, learning about the BART trains, checking in, eating a rather mediocre burger, reconoitering the neighborhood, 1hour nap, two beers and an overpriced casadia... I tried to stay up till 12pm EST to adjust a bit... it didn't really work. I woke at 5 am local on Monday. We had an 8:30 bus to visit a privately held collection of American Illustration, hosted by illustrator, writer and historian Alice "Bunny" Carter.

the collection was unbelievable! Bunny turned us lose, all access... drawers were flying open, pictures pulled from the wall and closets were rifled through, all to view CLASSICS of American Illustration. I couldn't believe the shear volume of matted Illustration piled in drawers and flat files... just brimming with wonderful images by legends. What an experience.

From there, we went to California Street for Lunch, then off to Menlo Park and a nuts to bolts tour of Communication Arts magazine from editor Patrick Coyne. We were able to pick his brain on the state of the industry, trending and the future of illustration. We were able to share our own experiences with him, as he quizzed us on what we see among the "troops". CA was a great tour, and i was able to see the garbage can my submissions end up in... I'll post it soon.

Good buddies Q Cassetti and Chad Grohman started a mini-zine trading-circle... i didn't make one, but they both gave me one. gonna have them sign each. really wonderful work from them. i'm gonna develop a dogbabies version for them to have... maybe mail it when i get back.

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